Topic: How do you use your voice to positively impact yourself and your community?

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A community is a place where a mass of people lives together, where people interact with each other. In a community, every person is totally dependent on another person. How can you bring positivity to society through your speech? My answer of mine to this question is very honest with deep determination and as a volunteer, I want to become a leader and a learner who can lead another person, who can show the right path to another person through my speech, my action, or through my writing. Today people are in continuous struggle, everyone wants success in their life, and every person is a desire for, money, and status. But on the road to success, they forget that some people behind them, some people beside them, and some people along with them, need them. These people just stay just behind us they pray for us, for our success, for our strength, and many other people who are so silent, who do not know how to use their abilities for their success. These people are very important to us. Yes, life is so tough, every person is in solace, disagreement, anxiety, stress, and tension, in this way my job is to create opportunities for another person through my skill. God created us as a helper of others, our single word of kindness changed others’ whole life. Some people in society do not need power, they don’t need status, they don’t need, but they want someone who can work with them, who can show them the right path. Yes, we have big dreams, and big goals in our lives, but the success is not how much money we achieve in our life, how much power we gain in our life, or how much status, we achieve in our life, but the true success is how many other people take benefits from our life, how much we change other life through our success.